Luxury Brand Ready-to-Wear Product Development Manager

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Produzione - Qualità
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Contratto a durata Indeterminata
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A tempo pieno
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To be discussed
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Esperienza tra 5 e 10 anni
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As Soon As Possible
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Descrizione dell'azienda

GIADA is an Italian luxury brand founded by Rosanna Daolio in Milan in 2001. It promotes timeless modernity imbued with a sense of Italian artistry and flair.

GIADA tapped minimalist Gabriele Colangelo as creative director since January 2015. The brand is based on an idea of elegant refinement that conveys a feeling of harmony and sensuality via pure cuts, precious materials and a distinctive color palette. GIADA stands for timeless, painstakingly edited designs in a progressive mix of black, white and subtle neutrals. The expansive choice of natural fibers – fur, cashmere, silk – is a defining trait of the brand's ethos. The GIADA approach to style is quintessentially Italian.

Sensitive to authentic quality, independent women with a firm grasp on their own lives and their own appearance are the audience GIADA speaks to. Simple yet bold choices reflect their thoughtful perspective on fashion and lifestyle.

Descrizione del posto

Thorough understanding of design concepts, able to transfer from concept to pattern, expecially for accessories including footwear, leather bags, etc.

1)Instruct pattern maker to understand the design concept and design artwork; guide the production, ensure the accuracy of design, prototype, and accessories.

2)Communicate with designer team and finish the quarter plan for product design, formulate the style orientation, and create the product mix

3)Collect and analyze the latest developments and trends of the luxury industry, provide valuable reports and suggestions to design team and merchandise department every season

4)Attend garments meeting, and give reasonable suggestions for the design on the basis of innovative fabric and accessories research; cooperate with the factory on the plan and inspection of production, identity problems of product development propose solutions, promote implementation

5)Analyze the industry environment, various types of product sales, consumer feedback, and competitive brand information


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1)2-5 or more professional fashion product development work experience for world famous women’s wear luxury brands

2)Profound knowledge with pattern making, clothing type, shell fabric, auxiliary material, sewing technology, body structure

3)Good grasp and insight for fashion trends, organize work attitude and originality

4)Excellent ability for market analysis, product analysis and resource integration

5)Native Italian speaker, proficient in English


Ms Qiuda Chen